New Ontario Online Casinos

Ontario is taking Canada out of the grey market and into a new licensed and regulated evironment. This is great news for players who have enjoyed slots at many of the best casinos in the world like Jackpot City, Leo Vegas and others, who have been operating in the grey area, and serving players well, but have never been afforded FULL licensed status.

That’s all about to change with the emergence of Ontario as Canada’s licensed online casino hub. is committed to representing the best of Canadian online slots and casino gaming options and we are happy to present the best choices and options for players who want to choose an Ontario licensed place to play.

The best online casinos for Ontario

If you’re looking to play online slots and casino games in Ontario then some of the brands we can recommend are listed below.

*Players in Ontario can ONLY play at these licensed casinos. None of the other offers on the website are valid for players in Ontario.

Online Casino legality in Ontario

Ontario is firing up to permit private business owners to run legitimate web-based casinos in the region.

In January, iGaming Ontario reported the market would formally open on April 4, 2022. From that date, operators will be able to operate legally if they have obtained the relevant licenses. A relatively small number of online casinos have declared goals to start from that day, however the majority are aiming to launch in the coming weeks.

When the dust settles and licenses begin to be awarded, Ontario’s slots players will have a varied and high quality selection of options with regards to picking where to play. This page intends to assist with directing you through the numerous choices. Look at our rundown of top internet based gambling sites in Ontario and keep checking for new additions.